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Parker Charcoal Products:

Our product is available for the Manufacturing Industry and for Consumer use!

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Does your manufacturing process require a fuel that produces high heat with low ash and smoke production? If so, our Hardwood Lump Charcoal product is your answer! Our product is available in bulk load quantities at great rates!

Food Service:

Parker Charcoal has a quality line of bagged Hardwood Charcoal for sale. Our product is manufactured using only 100% Tennessee Hardwoods, producing a charcoal that is completely free of impurities giving it a great aroma and flavor for grilling.

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Parker Charcoal bags our own brand of lump charcoal, “Parker’s Mountain Pure Charcoal Chunks” which is available in 10 lb and 20 lb bags. Our Product is contained in a bag that is both visually appealing yet environmentally conscious. Our bagged charcoal would make the perfect addition to your business or retail chain!

Interested in our Product?

We can sell our product in any quantity! Available per bag, per pallet, or per truck load. Parker Charcoal works exclusively with shipping companies to get our consumer the best rate possible.

Are you a distributor interested in picking up our product? Let us work with you! Parker Charcoal provides the highest quality Hardwood Charcoal on the market, without the high price markup!

Contact us today! (931) 879-4753 or email

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Parker Charcoal: 2560 Northrup Falls Road. Jamestown, TN 38556 ~ 931.879.4753 ~

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