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What defines Mountain Pure Hardwood charcoal?

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Good lighting characteristics, high heat, and low ash production are upon the highest of requirements to be met by Parkers Mountain Pure Charcoal Chunks. Our charcoal is manufactured using 100% Hardwood scraps from sawmills and lumber yardsyielding a pure product that contains no chemicals, additives, or environmentally harmful fillers. The use of 100% Hardwood from the start of the manufacturing process creates a product with virtually no impurities, making Parkers Charcoal the purest of Hardwood charcoal available. The rich Tennessee Maple, Oak, and Hickory Hardwoods helps to add a rich flavor to our charcoal making it the perfect accommodation to your grill.

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Parker Charcoal: 2560 Northrup Falls Road. Jamestown, TN 38556 ~ 931.879.4753 ~

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