Parker Charcoal

Parker Charcoal Company:

All Natural Lump Charcoal Made in Tennessee from 100% Hardwoods!

Nothing matches the purity and aroma of a fine lump charcoal. When that lump charcoal is made using only the best hardwoods Tennessee has to offer you have a product that surpasses its competition! Parker Charcoal produces a pure Hardwood Lump Charcoal that provides great lighting characteristics, low ash production, and an amazing hardwood aroma! Our charcoal is the perfect companion to your grill, smoker, or gourmet lending its unique flavor to any food of choice. Let us prove to you that our 40 years experience of charcoal manufacturing produces the best Hardwood Lump Charcoal on the market!

our location

Parker Charcoal: 2560 Northrup Falls Road. Jamestown, TN 38556 ~ 931.879.4753 ~

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